Preparation for DVS Certification

The DVS (German Welding Association) certification stipulates quality standards and experience for the manufacture of plastic products.

What is the DVS?

DVS brings together experts from industry, commerce, commerce, research, science, education and the service provider to work together for the same cause: a future-oriented Union Technology. Setting standards In the DVS, the research, technology and education alliance are the pillars of success.

Everything that is being developed in one of these three fields is also often integrated into the other two fields. DVS actively participates in new procedural activities and is a dedicated impetus. It is the point of contact when it comes to improving existing joining processes.

DVS compiles directives and fact sheets that formulate technological standards and establish comparable quality characteristics for the training of qualified personnel.

A network full of possibilities Companies and researchers, manufacturers and users, apprentices and students, as well as merchants, business representatives, associations and organizations contribute with their interest in joining technology in DVS. «DVS» therefore represents THE SPECIALISTS.

Benefits and requirements

For the certification it is required to check 90,000 m2 installed (invoices and contracts) and the following equipment and materials: 1- LLDPE 1mm 35 cm wide by 3.5 meters long 2- HDPE 1mm 35 cm wide by 3.5 meters long 3 – HDPE 1.5mm 35 cm wide by 3.5 meters long 4- Textured HDPE 1.5mm 35 cm wide by 3.5 meters long In addition, 5-1 HDPE welding roll 6-1 LLDPE welding roll


CESLA issues a certificate of participation and has the support of the certified instructor, Leister and Rochling.

If you pass all the evaluations, you will be awarded a diploma as a candidate for DVS certification.

The groups consist of a maximum of 8 people so the quota is limited. Get ready to get your DVS certification.

Prepare yourself to get your DVS certification

CESLA offers you the preparation to reach the highest quality standards by obtaining your DVS certificate.

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