IAGI Certification Preparation Course

It is the certification of experience, knowledge and skills for welders of polyethylene geomembrane, reinforced PVC and EPDM to comply with industry standards.

What is the IAGI Certification?

Founded in 1995, the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers is the professional association that represents the installers of geosynthetic materials and their industrial partners.
These founders created a solid organization that evolved and continues to meet the needs of the industry 18 years later.
The IAGI Certified Welding Technician (CWT) program recognizes the knowledge, experience and skill of technicians who are certified.
Engineers benefit from the IAGI CWT program because the certification verifies that welders have experience in geomembrane welding and meet industry standards for the installation of geomembranes in which they are certified.
IAGI encourages all engineers to require that any welding performed at their workplace be applied by CWT (CertifiedWeldingTechnician) personnel.

IAGI developed the certification programs for polyethylene, reinforced PVC and EPDM geomembrane welders so that installers can define competency standards, recognize installers’ knowledge, experience and skills and reward those who qualify with industry recognition.

Member companies that have invested resources in training and certification of their welding technicians take pride in the skill of their welding technicians.
IAGI encourages you to use companies that have made this commitment to quality in your next job!

Benefits and requirements

Benefits and requirements Some of the elements that must be submitted for the review and verification of AIC third parties include:

• Minimum of 5,000,000 square feet installed annually • Insurance and guarantee requirements.

• Health and safety guidance programs

• Drug free work program

• Key personnel curricula – competence / professional experience

• Fifteen percent of the crews must be Certified Welding Technicians (CWT)

• Current reference letters from engineers, contractors / owners and manufacturers of geosynthetics


CESLA issues a certificate of participation and has the support of the certified instructor, Leister and Rochling.

The courses are designed to cover a theoretical part and another practice according to the materials and welding techniques required.

CESLA issues a certificate of participation and has the support of the certified instructor, Leister and Rochling.

If you pass all the evaluations, you will be awarded a diploma as a candidate for IAGI certification.

The groups consist of a maximum of 8 people so the quota is limited.

Prepare yourself to get your IAGI certification

CESLA offers you the preparation to reach the highest quality standards by obtaining your IAGI certificate.

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