IAGI Certification

IAGI developed the Polyethylene, PVC, Reinforced geomembrane welder certification programs.

What is CWT (Certified Welding Technician)?

IAGI's Certified Welding Technician (CWT) program recognizes the knowledge, experience, and skill of those technicians who hold the certification.

Engineers benefit from IAGI's CWT program because certification verifies that welders on the job have experience in geomembrane welding and meet industry skill standards for those geomembranes in which they are certified. IAGI encourages all engineers to require that any welding performed on their job site be done with CWTs.

IAGI developed the Polyethylene, PVC, Reinforced, and EPDM geomembrane welder certification programs so that installers could define standards of competence, recognize installers' knowledge, experience, and skills, and reward those who qualify with industry recognition.

Member companies that have invested resources in training and testing their welding technicians take pride in the skill of their welding technicians.

Get Certified as a CWT Welding Technician!

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