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You know the basics, but:

What is the initial temperature for butt, electro fusion or socket welding?

Do the machines fit?

During welding in Electro fusion; did it happen to you that one side seal and the other NO?

In Butt Welding does it make you a long lip? and does ir fracture?

Do you know what standard is applied for the Airtightness tests?

How do you guarantee your work?


You will learn this and much more in this course!



For all staff with or without experience.

The courses are composed of a Theorical Framework tha is taught online and a practical part where we send you a demostration and then we ask you to send a sample of your dynamics to our dacilities to be tested and you can become certified at the national level.

What is the goal?

  1. Prestar una capacitación para las personas o empresas que no puedan parar actividades.
  2. Las horas de capacitación pueden ser continuas o también las podemos dividir por horas y distribuirlas en toda una semana.
  3. ¿Sábado? Claro, solo en horario corrido. 

How are the courses composed?

  • Theorical content.
  • Interactive content.
  • Interactive youtube content.

The online courses you can train in three modalities:

  • Intenive (2 full days)
  • Weekly (3 hours daily)
  • Academy (1 hour per week x 3 months)

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