Welding Course for Tarps and Prefabricated Membranes


We are interested in helping you achieve National certification and project yourself to DVS-2212 as "International Technical Welder"

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Surely you have faced or it has happened to you:

What is the initial temperature for Welding?

Does the equipment fit?

In Mechanical Air Welding, did it happen to you that one side seal and the other did NOT?

In Hot Gas Welding Does it make you a long lip? Do you know what standard is applied for the airtightness tests?

Do you give your client the security of the work you did?

How do you guarantee your work?

You will learn this and much more in this course!


On-site course in Welding of Tarps and prefabricated membranes

Currently we have 2 options to choose from depending on the project that is oriented so that it can be adapted to the daily practice that you already have in your company:

  • Basic Training of PVC Membrane Welding Tarps.
  • PVC Roofing Membrane Welding Specialized Training.

What will I learn?

  • Preparation of equipment and materials
  • Fundamental principles of welding
  • Sealing with manual and automatic
  • equipment
  • Quality tests
  • And much more...

What does include?

  • Lunch
  • Didactic material during the course
  • Delivery of evaluation results
  • Training certificate

  We have the group option. Ask about this option!

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