Specialized Pipe Course for DVS 2212 certification


We are interested in helping you achieve the National certification and project yourself to DVS-2212 as an "International Technical Welder"

I want more information

You have the basic knowledge but:

Do you want to participate in a project?

Do they ask you for a certificate at the international level?

Do you know what standards your equipment must comply with?

Do you know the process and logs for taking installation records?

What standard applies to the Airtightness and Destructive tests?

You will learn this and much more in this course!


Specialized course of pipe fusion

The course is focused on teaching you all the DVS standards, principles, and techniques that you should know for the proper installation of pipes.

What will you learn?

  • Welding techniques
  • Quality control log
  • Quality tests
  • Butt fusion
  • Pipe repair with filler material

Recommendation: You can take the Theoretical Online part and the Practical visit is scheduled at the CESLA facilities in CDMX or Hermosillo, Sonora.

What does it include?

At the CESLA CDMX and Hermosillo facilities. 

  • All the equipment.
  • Box Lunch on training days.
  • Didactic material and study guides.
  • Exam application.

   We have the group option. Ask for this option!

CESLA_800px_Termofusion-tub CESLA_800px_Termofusion-tub-III CESLA_800px_Termofusion-tub-II

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