Specialized online course for plastic welding

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You have the basics, but:

Do they ask you for a certificate at the international level?

Do you know what standards your equipment must meet?

Do you want to compete in a project for the process and logs for taking installation records?

What standard applies to the Airtightness and Destructive tests?


You will learn this and much more in this course!



For all experienced or inexperienced personnel.

The courses are composed of a Theoretical Framework that you take online and the Practical part is given a demonstration and later we ask you to send a sample of your dynamics to our facilities to be evaluated and you can become certified at the national level.

What's the goal?

  1. Provide training for people or companies that cannot stop activities.
  2. The training hours can be continuous or we can also divide them by hours and distribute them over a whole week.
  3. Saturday? Sure, only on a regular schedule.

How are the courses composed?

  • Theoretical content.
  • Interactive content.
  • Interactive YouTube Access.

The Online Courses you can train in three modalities:

  • Intensive (2 Full Days)
  • Weekly (3 hours daily)
  • Academy. (1 Hour per Week x 3 months)

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